Simple Ways to Save on Your Phone Bill

Research suggests that majority of mobile phone users are paying more than what they really need. In fact, in the UK alone, consumers are overspending in the tune of billions of sterling pounds per year on their pay monthly phone contracts. Avoid the same pitfall by following these simple tips and tricks to significantly save on your phone bill.

Monitor usage

One of the first things you need to do is monitor your usage. The main reason why users are paying more than what they need is because they are hooked to the wrong plan in the first place. Carefully investigate your monthly usage then check if that usage matches with your current plan. Are you using your call, text and data allocation or not? Naturally, you'll need to switch to another plan or make the appropriate adjustments in case your plan isn't the perfect fit for your needs.

Save money on data

If you're a heavy mobile user, you'll notice that data constitutes the biggest chunk of your phone. To slash off huge savings from your bill, you can save money minimizing your data usage. Rather than use your plan's data, you can opt to use Wi-Fi whenever it's available instead. Of course, make sure that you don't exceed your plan's data allowance. Otherwise, you'll end paying for a whopping phone bill.

Consider insurance carefully

If you have phone insurance, that's another regular monthly expense you may want to think about. If you just got a new phone then you certainly need insurance. But once the phone has become less valuable, insurance may be foregone at some point. If you're not someone who tends to lose or damage your phone anyway, then a cheap but still adequate phone insurance should do.

Take advantage of free apps

Other than taking care of the basics, you'd also want to take advantage of what free apps now offer. Rather than exceed your call allowance, for example, you can use apps like Skype to make free calls to family and friends. There are also texting apps you can rely on to send free texts. As for data, you can take advantage of apps that can help you monitor your usage so never exceed your monthly allowance.

Call Customer Service

You should also call customer service to inquire about your carrier's latest promotions and offers. It’s one of the easiest ways to save on your phone bill. Put your negotiation skills to good use and you’re sure to end up getting a freebie or anything that will help slash off your monthly phone bill.